15 Lehenga Designs for Wedding: Perks of Asian bridal dress

History of Lehengas

Lehenga Designs Lehengas have always been the perfect choice for any bride. These traditional costumes are the best way to make your wedding memorable and unique. The lehenga is a traditional Indian wedding dress worn by women on their wedding day. Wedding lehengas are a special Indian tradition that has been around for centuries. Weddings are valued occasions in India. The country has beautiful wedding lehenga styles available. Choose a design that reflects your personality to make your special day perfect. The bride typically dons the lehenga during the wedding ceremony, but other women attending the event with their families or as guests can also wear it.

Classification based on styles:

Classification styles:

1. Bridal lehenga Designs. They are designed to resemble a bride’s traditional sari, featuring transparent panels at the neck and arms and sometimes even at the back. The bridal lehenga has a wide waistband with a low-cut neckline, which makes it more comfortable for dancing. It may have decorative patterns along the front and back edges of the fabric and along the top edge of each side panel (which allows it to drape easily). A bridal lehenga is usually white or ivory-coloured silk with gold threads woven for detail.

2. Traditional lehenga designs. Artisans traditionally craft lehengas garments using sturdy materials like cotton muslin or silk satin. Zari or silver beads often decorate the side panels and waist. Red and pink are the most commonly used colours for the fabric of a lehenga. Designers use various shades of thread, including red, pink, cream, gold, and silver, to create intricate patterns on the fabric, ranging from bold geometric shapes to delicate floral designs.

15 types and designs of wedding lehengas: Extensive range of design

1. Anarkali style lehenga

Anarkali lehenga is a unique style of lehenga. It is a blouse worn with a churidar or salwar kameez. The main fabric used in this blouse is a thin cotton fabric which gives it its unique look. The embroidery work adds to the beauty of this blouse and makes it look more elegant. You can wear this lehenga with any dress or tunic, as it looks great with both styles.

2. Peplum style lehenga

The peplum-style lehenga is very simple and easy to wear. The lehenga’s versatility allows it to be worn on any occasion, from a casual day to a formal party. This blouse style has been trending in India lately, and we have seen many people wearing them on different occasions. It’s a great way to add a little bit of glamour to an outfit while keeping it simple at the same time.

3. Jacket style lehenga

A jacket-style lehenga is a great option for you to wear in winter. It has a thick fabric, which gives you warmth and comfort on your skin. The embellishment of the neckline is also very beautiful. You can pair this with any blouse or top that you like. This can be worn at parties or even for casual outings during the day. The colour of the jacket adds to the beauty of the lehenga.

4. Layered lehenga

Layered style lehenga is a very popular style in India. The layered style lehenga is a combination of three or four different fabrics. The neckline and bottom of the blouse have a different fabric than the sleeves and front portion. It makes the lehenga look very stylish and attractive. The layered lehenga is suitable for wearing in any weather, especially in winter when people easily get chilled. It is an ideal style for women who desire to look fashionable and classy simultaneously.

5. Kurta style lehanga

Kurta style lehenga is a regular wear for women in India. This dress is made of any fabric, like cotton, silk, or chiffon. Kurta means a shirt, and lehenga means a wrap.

6. Asymmetric style lehenga

Asymmetric style lehenga is a very popular and trending trend in the fashion world. It is a type of clothing with asymmetrical cuts with different cuts on one side, making it unique and creative. An asymmetric lehenga is ideal for both casual and formal occasions. This type of blouse comes in many colours and materials so that you can choose the best one based on your personality.

7. Fish style lehenga

Fish-style lehenga is a traditional Rajasthani dress that women across India have worn. Designers often adorn the fish-style lehenga with gold embroidery, sequins, and beads in various colours, such as blue, purple, green, and orange. The dupatta is usually tied at the back and draped over the shoulder. One can craft this lehenga design from any fabric. It also has an elaborate design that adds to its appeal.

8. A-line lehenga choli style

The beautiful gold sequins adorn this traditional lehenga choli’s high-low hemline and fitted neckline in an A-line design. The fabric is georgette/chiffon, mostly with georgette details and golden sequins at the hems. A unique fashion statement that you will love to wear on any occasion, like weddings, parties, festivals, or even casual wear!

9. Sharara style lehenga choli design

Sharara style lehenga choli design has a simple and trendy blouse style. The designer crafted an exquisite blouse from georgette and silk with a lovely lace hemline and decorative buttons on the front. It pairs perfectly with sharara pants, making it suitable for various events such as weddings and traditional parties. The lehenga choli design adds a unique look to your style and makes you look beautiful.

10. Saree style lehenga

The finest quality silk, cotton, and chiffon fabric make up this unique saree-style lehenga. Its blouse style with an elegant bandhani border adds to its beauty and grace. The zari work on this saree utilizes pure gold thread. This saree-style lehenga has a matching blouse with tassels at the end, giving it an extra touch of elegance. Women who enjoy wearing traditional Indian attire or wish to incorporate some traditional elements into their wardrobe can wear this single garment.

11. Paneled lehenga (kalidar lehanga)

Sikhs have worn the Paneled Lehenga for centuries, which continues to be a popular choice for everyday wear and special occasions due to its versatility. The Paneled Lehenga is a long shirt with panels along the front and back. This shirt allows air to flow through it, and you can decorate it with embroidery, lace, or other materials.

12. Mermaid lehenga choli

The Mermaid style Lehenga Choli features a stunning blouse design that suits any event and tailors the lehenga to create a mermaid-like appearance. It consists of a dress shirt with sleeves and a neckline embellished sequins. The colour of this lehenga choli is the most important part of this look, and You can choose a bright colour like pink or blue or opt for a more muted one like white or black.

13. Flared lehenga skirt

The flared lehenga skirt is an Indian skirt with a flared bottom. The fabric is typically cotton and embellished with embroidery or sequins. It has a wide waistband, which can be worn tucked into the waistband. Women in India popularly wear this style of skirt.

14. Multi-layered lehenga

Multi-layered lehenga is a style of clothing originating from Kashmir. The lehenga is a long, loose, flowing gown worn by women and girls in Kashmir. It is made with multiple layers of cloth, including cotton, silk, and wool. It consists of many layers of woollen shawls or sheets with embroidery, sometimes embellished with sequins or beads. Jewels or sequins often adorn the uppermost layer of the item, and gold or silver threads may also cause it to shimmer brightly.

15. Long skirt lehenga

Long skirt lehenga is a beautiful and fashionable outfit. It can be ideal for women who like to wear long skirts. The skirt length can be from knee to mid-thigh or higher, depending on your taste. You can also choose a long skirt with different patterns and colours. You can make this skirt from various fabrics, including chiffon, polyester, silk, or velvet. It is easy to wear, and you will always feel comfortable wearing it.


Lehengas have always been the first choice of dress for every occasion. There are several varieties of lehenga, from trendy to traditional ones.