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Apnaa tailor is offering a unique range of designer sarees and blouses tailored at affordable prices. These are handpicked from the best designer in Delhi and as such can be matched with our wide range of saris for a perfect marriage of design and affordability.

Designer sarees and blouses are tailored to service by skilled and highly-experienced ladies’ tailors who employ traditional techniques and modern designs to make you look stunning. We can create custom designs based on our client’s needs.

We have come together to offer you an exclusive range of designer sarees and blouses at a much lesser price than you would find in the market. We source these from the best designers in Delhi, We can do any kind of stitching that you want us to do, our designs are unique and different from others in the market.

We make the perfect choice of fabrics from the best producers to produce quality goods according to your requirement and budget. Our products are designed purely for women who want to look their best even on festive occasions.

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1 Simple Blouse Ask Us
2 Lycra Blouse Ask Us
3 Embroidery Blouse Ask Us
4 Katori blouse Ask Us
5 belt blouse Blouse Ask Us
6 U-Shape Neck Blouse Ask Us
7 Lace Blouse Etc. Ask Us

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